Festival route and release date

Dear fantasy enthusiasts!

Hi, it's David, the director of this movie and the one who constantly bothers people with what Haritude Ventures is up to next.

Let me tell you a few things about the past endeavors of the short fantasy movie you've supported or followed through the campaign.

This year was full of festival screenings and we're really happy the festival route was so fruitful. Up until now the film was screened at 30 film festivals and won three awards, the most recent one was for 'Best Narrative Short' at Arlington International Film Festival. 

... and counting.

One of the biggest film festivals was definitely in Cleveland, OH and I made a visit to the 'Cleveland International Film Festival'. A week in Cleveland was full of great films from all around the world. There's so much talent in the world! The screening of our movie was followed by a short Q&A. I learned that selector's daughters especially liked our movie even before I flew there, so I was anticipating whether I'll get to meet them. After the Q&A was over I also got to meet them. It was a really cute scene where two 8-12-Year-Olds were so interested in Slavic mythology and really liked the film. A scene to remember! After the festival was over I also left a book based on the film for them. I hope they enjoyed it.

Here are just a few glimpses into how the festival week looked like:

And a few pages from 'Slovenian American Times' magazine where my Slovenian friend Tom Percic featured my films and special screening at St. Vitus Village for Slovenians. Slovenian community in Cleveland, OH is really big, the biggest in the USA. And in a way going there was like getting back home. True home - with polka, kranjska klobasa and potica. People there are welcoming and the week with them passed just too quickly.

The last news I have for you is that on September 23rd we'll be releasing Kresnik: The Lore of Fire publicly on the Internet. We hope it reaches a broad audience and and that it speaks to them.

The road ahead is long and steep. We're just making our first baby steps toward feature film and we see it's going to take much more than it did for 'Kresnik: The Lore of Fire'. We'll keep you updated on the progress and we promise we have some interesting stuff for you to show very soon.

Kind regards,