Kerže Scholarship Funds

Kerže Scholarship Funds offer an opportunity for Slovenian students of classical music to receive top quality education in at the University of Southern California – Thornton School of Music. The Funds have been established by members of a Slovenian-American family, who have donated all of their inheritances to set up two funds at the USC Thornton for the study of music and one at the UCLA for the study of transport phenomena in complex systems.

Izumitelji in inovatorji: Zvonko Fazarinc

Prvi kratek portretni film v seriji “Izumitelji in inovatorji” predstavlja življenjsko zgodbo in dosežke dr. Zvonka Fazarinca.


Dr. Zvonko Fazarinc, ASEF supporter & donor, tells his life story about moving from Slovenia to pursue an education at Stanford University and becoming one of the first employees at Hewlett Packard.