Izumitelji in inovatorji: Zvonko Fazarinc

Prvi kratek portretni film v seriji “Izumitelji in inovatorji” predstavlja življenjsko zgodbo in dosežke dr. Zvonka Fazarinca.


Dr. Zvonko Fazarinc, ASEF supporter & donor, tells his life story about moving from Slovenia to pursue an education at Stanford University and becoming one of the first employees at Hewlett Packard.

Slovenska Pristava v Clevelandu

Slovenska Pristava is a Slovenian Catholic organization that provides a venue for recreation & relaxation to its members and their friends. Here, members and their families have for decades enjoyed the peace, serenity and occasional festivity.

Client: Slovenska Pristava slovenskapristava.org
Production: Studio Siposh siposh.com

ASEF Research Fellows 2017

This is the fourth video about American Slovenian Education Foundation research fellows. This time I was actually in California to capture some moments from their summer experience.