The Mount of Sorrows

The building complex atop Žalostna Gora in the Dolenjska region grew and developed through the centuries as the importance of this pilgrimage center increased. The mighty black marble altar of the present church of the Sad Mother of God was created in the early 18th century. The side altars are adorned with Metzinger's drawings.

The walls of the presbytery are decorated by a collection of votive figures. A unique feature of Žalostna Gora are the sacred stairs on the southeastern slope. They are tied to an old legend: the story of Jernej Grošelj of Mokronog, captain of Zois's trade ship. The interior of the sacred stairs was decorated with paintings of the Passion of the Christ by baroque painter Anton Postl.

The architectural image of Žalostna gora is completed by chapels of Mary's Seven Griefs.

Client: Župnija Mokronog
Production: Studio Siposh
Producer: Klavdio Peterca
Director, producer: David Sipoš
Animations: Vid Planinc
Illustrations: Rok Malovrh
Screenwriter: Rok Andres
Music and sound: Tim Žibrat
Cello: Maša Tomc
Aerial cinematography: Janez Kotar
Second camera: Matej Lozar
Cast: Emanuela Eduard, Helena Nagode