Bible in a Minute

This webseries is inspired by the Bible and puts stories known to everyone in modern context. Take a minute for the Bible and enjoy!

Bible in a Minute is a new webseries coming from the Slovenian newspaper company Družina and Haritude Ventures production company. It's a journey through the Book of books with one actor but various important characters of Christian history. It's comical and at the same time a good starting point for discussions about important points in the Bible.

The series' purpose is to inspire people to take the Holy Bible off the dusty shelf and start reading it again. We've all heard of famous characters like Abraham, Moses or King David, but letting the stories inspire us still nowadays sometimes seems like a hard task for all of us. This webseries takes these stories and puts them in a modern context and lets us re-live the stories again from a perspective that's closer to what we face every day.

First season consists of 12 episodes, each 3-4 minutes long. But the Bible is still full of characters and plots that need to be put on screen for the modern man.

Bible in a Minute is an on-going webseries about Bible’s greatest stories told in just few minutes. Characters from the Bible come alive in a modern context and can speak again, this time to modern people.

Producer: Družina, d.o.o., Manica Ferenc
Production: Studio Siposh
Screenwriter, cast: Gregor Čušin
Director, editor: David Sipoš
Composer, sound desinger: Tim Žibrat
Director of photography, colorist: Simon Gosnik
Make-up artist: Janja Hasani
English subtitles: Leon Jagodic
Assistant: Gregor Matijec