Kresnik Stories

After an award winning short fantasy film “Kresnik: The Lore of Fire” it’s time for the next chapter in the world of Kresnik. Set in the first centuries AD when Slavic people arrived in Europe we get to know a fierce and brave girl Živa. Chased by a mysterious creature she finds shelter in big local caves, where she has to move on and finally escape the threat.

It's our ongoing venture. We currently produced two episodes where you can get a good glimpse at how dangerous the old world was.

Episode I

Episode II

Kresnik: Miha Rodman
Živa: Gaja Filač
Trot: Andrei Lenart
Koschei: Ozana Leban

Get to know a little bit more about how this short epic film came to life in the following behind the scenes films.

Alongside films we're also writing short stories from the world of Kresnik and here is a glimpse of it.

Živa found herself leaning against the damp wall of the cave. The light of the torch dissolved the darkness around her, creating spine-chilling shadows. Sweat slicked her face, causing the few escaped strains of hair to stick to her cheeks. Her heart crashed against the linen corset every time a sinister shadow appeared in the corner of her eye.

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