American Slovenian Inventors and Innovators

a feature documentary film proposal and production overview

When one small nation contributes great ideas to America and the world

The documentary about Slovenian American inventors and innovators in the United States of America will present the great heritage which Slovenian emigrants pass on from generation to generation. Slovenians are known for their diligence, ingenuity and creativity and Slovenians in the United States are very much alike. Film is primarily a medium for experiencing stories on a personal level as well as educating and familiarizing broader communities about certain topics. With this in mind we want to show the life, work and impact of different Slovenian inventors on people around them as well as the world. This way their heritage will get an even more important role in the collective consciousness and inspire future generations to make the next step.

Creative team:

  • David Sipoš, director/producer, owner of Studio Siposh, IMDb, CV
  • Rok Andres, screenwriter
  • Tim Žibrat, composer/sound designer
  • Vid Planinc, visual effects artist

Our studio puts creativity and quality as our primary goals when producing all kinds of films. Documentary work requires an agile and creative team on the set as well as an ability to follow certain rules of filmmaking which help tell a story in a clear and intelligible way. With visuals we attract the viewer's eyes and with original music we add emotions that the visual story cannot achieve on its own. Our team members were awarded for their work numerous times and we are the only company in Slovenia which mainly focuses on documentaries with such topics.


The documentary will consist of three parts: exposition, main part about the inventors (half of the film) and third part about the view into the future. It begins with a historical overview of the migrations of Slovenians to the US. We meet researches from ZRC SAZU (Slovenian Migration Institute), the main representatives of Slovenian organizations in the US, historical institutions and museums, which represent the main flows of migration and their causes... We later meet the central "Slovenian" regions, cities and churches in the US, as well as the social life and activities, including different professions, that we're taken upon by Slovenians in the past and all the way till the present (different representatives of the social and political life of Slovenians in the US present themselves).

This longer exposition is followed by the central section with the presentation of up to 5 extraordinary Slovenian scientists and/or inventors that shaped the progress of the world and the US Economy. The stories complement each other, but each of the inventors first talks about himself or his work. Then members of his family speak up, after that his colleagues (possibly co-inventors) and at the end, voice is given to the consumers or users of his invention. Everyone shares their experience from their own viewpoint, which is sometimes painful and at other times proud and satisfactory. Each of the inventors would take about an average of 10 minutes of documentary time, which is close to ideal, so that the audience can get to know his story and work in good detail.

In the final part of the film we meet the new generation of young inventors and scientists who are descendants of Slovenians who live and work in the USA. They are the ones who continue their family's heritage and some of them are directly related to one of our subjects/interviewees. There are many successful Slovenians working abroad, which goes to show that their future is looking bright.

The main source of information is a book Slovenian American Inventors and Innovators by Edward Gobetz published at Druzina d.o.o. in Slovenia.

The main source of information is a book Slovenian American Inventors and Innovators by Edward Gobetz published at Druzina d.o.o. in Slovenia.

Številni izumi, ki se nam zdijo samoumevni, so delo Slovencev, ki so zapustili domovino in njihovih potomcev, ki so se izkazali v novem svetu. Pomembno vlogo pri razvoju satelitov za vremenske napovedi je imel Hrastar, mikrovalovnih pecic Pucel, cistilnih naprav Krofta, tiskarskih strojev Hozjan ... Sodelovali so ob zacetku množicne proizvodnje letal – Stupar, ob lunarnem vozilu – Volk, pri boeingu 747 – Sutter, pri razvoju poliestra – Vodonik – in plastike, ki je desetkrat mocnejša od jekla – Prevoršek. Avtomobil prihodnosti je izum Bucika, prvi žepni racunalnik pa Rodeta. Kovaceva pa je povezala medicino s (super)racunalniki. V knjigi so prikazane mnoge življenjske zgodbe, ki pricajo, kako slovenska inovativnost, delavnost, vztrajnost in pogum prispevajo k splošnemu cloveškemu napredku.
— Edi Gobec