Our studio puts creativity and quality as our primary goals when producing all kinds of films. Documentary work requires an agile and creative team on the set as well as an ability to follow certain rules of filmmaking which help tell a story in a clear and intelligible way. With visuals we attract the viewer's eyes and with original music we add emotions that the visual story cannot achieve on its own. Our team members were awarded for their work numerous times and we are the only company in Slovenia which mainly focuses on documentaries with such topics.


David Sipoš, producer

director and editor

+386 40 807 870
+1 310 309 0901


Successful film and photography director of movies and documentaries. An avid storyteller of Old European themed stories, his movie Kresnik: The Lore of Fire received four awards at film festivals in the USA. The top quality visual perfection of each scene is a constant challenge for him. The world is too beautiful not to be captured with moving pictures as well.

Tim Žibrat

composer and sound designer

+386 40 760 072

Talented composer and sound mixer of many short movies, full length movies and documentaries, such as Changing Emma and Kresnik: The Lore of Fire. With years of organizational and production experience, along with very good knowledge of the use of drone flight systems, he ensures, again and again, that the execution, from planning to post-production, is done flawlessly.

Vid Planinc

visual effects artist

Rok Andres



Rok Malovrh

graphic designer


Klarisa Sipoš



Janez Kotar

photographer and aerial cinematographer