Studio Siposh is a creative team of filmmakers passionate about stories the modern world needs. From the legacy we inherited from our ancestors we want to share the wisdom and help spread the message with the power of film.


David Sipoš, founder

producer and director

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+1 310 309 0901

David Sipoš grew up in a small town Ptuj in the eastern parts of Slovenia. Despite being a real bookworm in his childhood he constantly found new adventures outside in the nature. After high school he soon decided to start learning about filmmaking on his own and by making short films. His enthusiasm for the movie world led him to the USA where he got new experiences, but Slovenian cultural heritage offered him a lot of stories in his motherland. His latest movies include short fantasy film “Kresnik: The Lore of Fire” with various motifs from Slavic mythology and several feature-length biographical documentaries. David is producer and director at Studio Siposh and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.




Our studio puts creativity and quality as our primary goals when producing all kinds of films. Documentary work requires an agile and creative team on the set as well as an ability to follow certain rules of filmmaking which help tell a story in a clear and intelligible way. With visuals we attract the viewer's eyes and with original music we add emotions that the visual story cannot achieve on its own. Our team members were awarded for their work numerous times and we are the only company in Slovenia which mainly focuses on documentaries with such topics.


Vid Planinc

visual effects artist

Rok Andres


matias 2.jpg

Matías Zemljič

editor and screenwriter


Tim Žibrat

composer and sound designer

Janez Kotar

photographer and aerial cinematographer


Matjaž Feguš

director and editor

For our filmmaking endeavours the sky is the limit. Our aerial cinematography has been used in numerous film and video productions with high quality imagery and advanced flying techniques.