Rocketborn Aerial Cinematography

The only team that can legally conduct 4kRAW filming in cities in Slovenia.

  • years of experience

    one of few teams with several years of experience in the field of aerial cinematography, using drones

  • moviemaking competence

    rich experience in the field of moviemaking, professionalism and motivation of the team ensure high quality and effectiveness

  • technical knowledge

    detailed understanding of the entire flight technique - high quality maintenance, reliability of functioning and safe execution

  • skyris aerial system

    Skyris, the most modern flight system, which, in many cases, exceeds the most demanding legal requirements

  • 4K RAW video

    use of high quality DJI X5R camera, with 4K RAW (Cinema DNG), with the ability of all recording settings during flight and an HD live broadcast

  • safe execution

    compliance of highest technical standards of safety during all stages of preparation and execution of flight operations

  • all work permits

    the first team (as of 11 September, 2016) with all the permits for aerial operations, even in cities and during night time (including a sport pilot license)

  • filming in cities

    filming also in the most demanding class IV flying area (cities) of Slovenia - category C and D operations