The Miracle

Sister Tončka Krajnik lives and works in the com- munity of Sisters of Mercy of Vincent de Paul.  Meeting her was genuine, full of grace, laughter,  and what may for this world be strange, meeting  her was also full of peace. Her life story is alive,  sad, blessed, full of curves, crossroads, almost  like our ways. But God came to Sister Mary especially close, through our Virgin Mary.  In the year 1938 something happened in the  family Krajnik, something that altered their lives  for ever. Their seven-year old daughter Tončka was attacked by a dog while she was delivering  newspaper. She got sick and soon wasn’t able  to walk. The sickness took her legs and arms,  and then she wasn’t able to talk any more. Little  Tončka stayed in her bed. After a long sickness  her parents decided to take her to Brezje, hoping for miracle. During the Holy Mass God has,  through the intercession of Virgin Mary, heard  the prayers of the family Krajnik, prayers of little  girl Tončka, prayers of the village Godešič by Škofja Loka. During the elevation Tončka stood up  and started talking.

Year of production: 2013
Producer: Romar d.o.o.
Interviews: Tončka Krajnik, Rezka Kranik
Director, editor: David Sipoš
Director of photography: Simon Gosnik
Screenwriter: Rok Andres
Music and sound: Tim Žibrat